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Quick Start 

Still early but you want to touch IoT – get up and   


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Initiation Session

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Orientation Sessions

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Connecting & Sensing

Get in touch with a “plug and play” industrial IoT Solution

Ready to test multiple technologies and multiple solutions to support your use cases.

Connecting & Sensing is the quickest way to get submerged in IoT with dozens of out of the box solutions available. 

Connecting&Sensing is a product in collaboration with Bagaar, Xylos & Software AG. Support is included in the package.

In collabaration with Bagaar/Xylos -Software AG


IoT Initiation Session 

Introducing IoT to your teams 

Why do companies use IoT but more important, why do some fail to roll out solutions while others succeed? 

The IoT Initiation session brings in 4 hours an overview of the world of IoT, the drives, the successes, the failures in an interactive environment. 

Just a perfect way to get inspired or to get careful. 

Inspiration sessions are slightly tailored to your company: 

Orientation Sessions

The orientation sessions are part of your first opinion package

The reason why you would want to have an orientation session is to link internal company capabilities with market objectives.

It’s as close to a workshop we get.

It is highly interactive and it crosses the t’s with all the different departments of your organisation.

If you are serious about IoT then this session will bring you a step closer to the reality of IoT.  

For an IoT project owner it gives an overview of what will come his way, not to connect devices but to keep them connected.  

Orientation session are created through several intake meetings with several days of preparation that results in highly customised content –