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Auction 1: Technology, Device, Platform, a real CRASH COURSE in IoT

Auction 1: Technology, Device, Platform, a real CRASH COURSE in IoT

The reason we do this auction is both for ourselves as for our customers.

Most of the technologies used have been reviewed but as they are new we probably don’t have any field experience yet. Hence a POC where we don’t expect you to pay for our learning curve.

The first auction, as a teaser, brings a set of devices, different technologies, platform and support that can submerge you in IoT, inform you about the limitations and capabilities of the different IoT technologies.

As usual, we’ll tailor it to your needs..

As for the format, the bidding is done here but this is not binding. We’ll put the amount in a POC & scope of work so it can pass though the normal Business channels.

One catch, we’ll write a report an expect your honest feedback on the technology that we will share with the rest of the community.

If you want to have additional information before you bid, just drop us a line at

Also don’t forget to inscribe on the auction list so we can notify about new technologies.

Get ready for a crash course in IoT.

Auction ImageAuction Image

This first auction is focused on testing different use cases and different technologies with a world leading industrial IoT platform.

FYI / To place a bid you might need to scroll down a bit.. 

  • It comes with 2+ days of work including sessions / configuration / set up services and runs over a period of 45 days.
  • More than time enough to find out what IoT can bring as added value for your organization!
  • Additional information about the Auction can be found on the blog page, or contact us on
  • This project is done in close collaboration and with support of  Software AG, Option, MCS,, Bagaar & Xylos.
  • Value is 3200 €



Going for €140.00

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  • Ending Date - 17th Mar 2021 10:06:15
  • Ships to - BENELUX
  • Location - BELGIUM

Auction closed

Current bids
  1. Kris Van der Hoeven bid €140.00 on 2021-03-10 13:41:06
  2. KRIS Van der Hoeven bid €120.00 on 2021-03-06 09:53:51
  3. Sofya Medvedeva bid €100.00 on 2021-03-05 16:03:15
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