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Structuring the amazing complexity of IoT 

Infusing your IoT project with expertise makes the difference between

"wanting a project" and "rolling out a project". 

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How to start an IoT project? 

Going head first or taking a more structured approach? 

Spending a bit more time to think things through will definitely give you an advantage in the next stages of the project.   

Want an experienced look on what steps to take first? 

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You did some of the homeworke and decided to invest in the next steps?

Now you need to decide what to invest in. 

Depending on who you talk with it could be  Business -POC / specific technology / transformation processes/ platform. 

But what is really the most value added roadmap?  

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Need to get your shit together

Something went wrong? 

Don’t forget that you’re in good company! 

90 % of the IoT projects fail or have a “go back to start”  moment. 

Whatever you want as  “next steps”, doesn’t always mean “back to start”
Salvage what is good, change what doesn’t fit. 
Want to get a view on what went wrong? 

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Harmonization of your IoT building blocks? 

Why harmonzation? IoT is build up out of dozens of buidling block that all have an impact on the TCO of the solution. If certain components are oversized or undersized this might kill the business case or it might kill the project completely.
Want to find out what it means to harmonize your IoT building blocks?

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loT is foggy, it is complex, not because of technology
but because it’s the unknown world.

Elements & Tools to get you started 

IoT test case

3 months test + support

  • Gives practical IoT technology insights
  • Multi technology
  • Multi Use case
  • Get started in days with support
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initiation session

Prepare yourself with this IoT insight session

  • Introduction to complexity
  • IoT roadmap
  • Expectation management
  • Stakeholders
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Orientation Sessions 

multiple tailored sessions

  • Market insights
  • Technological insights
  • Company compatibility
  • IoT Guidelines
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